Week 8 Reading and Writing

Are you happy with your blog? With your project website?

I am soo happy with them! I love the colors of the blog and I feel like that is much more personal to me. The project website is starting to come together and create a theme, and I’m really excited for the end project.

Are you satisfied with how the writing is going for your project? How about your story posts?

I am! I think that the writing comes naturally because the readings that I am basing the stories on are really interesting to me. I’m super glad I chose a storybook rather than a portfolio for that reason. 🙂

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment(s) in your writing for this class? 

I think my biggest accomplishment is just being more confident as a writer! That is a direct result of learning many writing skills, such as the strategies to write a clear and concise microfiction or how to better incorporate dialogue in a story.

What has been your favorite reading so far?

The Women of the Bible!

Are your reading notes helping you each week with your story post? (Remember, the goal is to “read like a writer” and take notes that will directly lead to your own stories; you might re-read these assignment instructions if you are not happy with your reading notes.)

Yes. The reading notes inspire me to create a story, and they give me enough background and character personality traits to really hit the ground running.

Have you discovered any new reading/research strategies? (There’s a long list of different reading/research strategies here.)

Focusing on only one character, even though the story might not, is new and interesting to me. Honestly, I usually just focus on the plot and have yet to try it – that will be my strategy next week! Also, I just saw the idea to imagine Hollywood casting for the characters. Definitely have to try that as well!

My title for this image is “Sorry, Can’t Talk – Too Busy Reading” because once you find a really good story or book, you just can’t put it down. The image is from theconversation.com in an article about 10 great books that all children should read.
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