Week 8 Progress

Are you happy with your progress so far? What are you most proud of? Do you have a good weekly routine?

Yes! I am most proud of how my fictional writing has improved and how my reading has become much more efficient and effective. I feel like my notes are much better as well! My weekly routine isn’t much of a routine… that has been a little haywire this semester. But I am still on track, and I love the ability to be flexible in this class.

What are the class assignments that you enjoy the most? Are you using any of the extra credit options? How have things gone in terms of developing your blog and building your website? 

I enjoy the readings and microfictions the most! The microfictions are by far my favorite extra credit option. Well, and the extra commenting. I really like seeing other peoples’ work. I feel like my blog is very well developed and it has even inspired me to make one with WordPress outside of this class! Building the google website is still a learning curve for me. But I like to learn. 🙂

Are there any changes you want to make for the second half of the semester? Any pitfalls you want to avoid?

I love how the semester is going. I would like to continue reading more – I kind of missed a few weeks. However, I missed so that I could travel to be the MOH in my best friend’s wedding, so no regrets here.

Something new you want to try in your writing? Anything you want to change about your blog or your project website?

I am just excited to add more stories to the website and really see it unfold! I will look for things to change as feedback keeps coming in.

This is a mug I need for the rest of the semester to get through the last bit of senioritis – we’ve got this! The image is from Etsy, (I’m sure they would love someone to buy one), found here.
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