Week 8 Comments and Feedback

Feedback in. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the comments and feedback you are receiving from other students in the class? What kinds of comments are you finding to be the most useful? 

I think the comments are great and that all of the students are so nice! Honestly, I wish that I received more suggestions – most of the people are just complimenting me, which is sweet, but it doesn’t help me improve a ton. While specific praise, like “I love your first sentence because..”, helps so that I know what to keep and what is working, I would also like to hear more about what they think I could change. Any comments with potential change and ideas really help the most.

I want to hear what people really thinking about the stories – including things that could be improved! This image is from allpoetry.com and was used to describe good writing:, “Tell me more. .leave me screaming for the conclusion”.

2. Feedback out. Similarly, how would you rate the quality of the comments and feedback you are leaving for other students? Have you found some good strategies that help you give detailed feedback? Are you getting some good ideas for your own writing as you analyze other people’s writing?

After reviewing the type of feedback that I find useful, I realized that I need to stop compliment sandwiching everything – which is something that the feedback strategies specifically said not to do!! It just seems hard because you don’t want to come across harsh, and I want to encourage other writers. But leaving suggestions for improvement not only helps them, but it helps me because it inspires me for my own page!

3. Blog comments. Do you have a sense of getting to know people by connecting with them at their blogs? Are you happy with how your Introduction post and how your blog in general provides a space where people can get to know you?

I looooove reading other peoples’ introduction posts. That is my favorite part of the commenting. While the stories are fun to read and I learn more to improve my own writing by reading those, I just like getting a sense for who people are. Even more, I love seeing how people *describe themselves*.

4. Looking forward. What do you want/need to do differently to make the feedback assignments more useful for others and/or more useful for you? Do you want to make any changes to your Comment Wall and/or your Introduction?

I definitely want to leave more detailed, specific and direct ideas for people when giving feedback. While complimenting their writing is great, saying “I really liked your story” in 10 different ways won’t make them a better writer. I will try to include more examples that relate to their story or specific strategies that would be beneficial to them. Honestly, I love the comment wall and intro!

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