Week 13 Review

My favorite image from the class announcements, found on the Online Course Announcements page, here.

I loved this image sooo much because it is so true!! It is very easy to forget that being in your comfort zone – although very comfortable!- is not our purpose nor our mission. To make a difference, to grow, to live a great life we must branch out! I really like this reminder because I am about to graduate and although there are big changes and scary things ahead, that’s also what my purpose is. 🙂

My favorite video from the Online Course Announcements in Mythology and Folklore, found here.

This video is so happy! You cannot help but smile! I was just reading a book and the author was talking about the beauty of Israeli music – how although he cannot understand it nor is he familiar with it, he loves how happy it feels. I completely related to how he felt when I saw this! Plus Gurdeep’s big smile and movements can’t help but make you smile along. Especially if he’s happy in a place that cold – more power to him!

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