Microfiction: Spinning My Cares Away

The world flashes by in blurs. Streaks of different greens as I look straight ahead, a different green as I look down, and endless blue going up. The nuances of the shades blur together before my eyes, and brown strings whip into the picture as my speed changes. I feel like I am in the kaleidoscope that I would stare into endlessly as a kid. The pictures don’t evolve, but the constant change keeps me mesmerized. Anyways, I prefer to watch this rather than the world as it changes outside in a blur. But I guess they are the same.

New ideas don’t exist, only re-wording.

Author’s Note: This microfiction wasn’t necessarily based on another story. I just thought about how sometimes life feels like you’re running on a hamster wheel, and it reminded me of spinning around in the yard as a little girl until I would be sick.

This is an image of a little girl spinning outside that reminded me of what I did as a little girl. It is from a website over dance therapy, found here.

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  1. Hi There! I have not read any micro fiction yet this semester so this was neat for me to read. I like the analogy you used in your authors note. It really does feel like we are running on a hamster wheel sometimes, especially near the end of the semester. Everything is moving so fast and it is hard to keep focus. This whole semester has felt like a blur to me honestly but that is probably because I am about to graduate. Anyways, I really liked this story and how you made it your own. Great job!

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