Week 11 Extra Reading Notes: Creation Stories

I watched the feed of videos from Crash Course called Crash Course Myth: Creation Stories, found in the Myth and Folklore UN-Textbook here.

This is the image Creation from La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church. I liked it because it was a cool rendition of a creation story and showing what some believe to have happened by alluding to a powerful Creator.

This was really really interesting to me because I have always looked at creation from the religious beliefs and backgrounds that I have. As a Christian, I have based my beliefs about creation on Genesis from the Bible. These videos, especially the first one, “Creation from the Void”, talked about the Christian view with God creating life from the void and comparing it to the views from other groups of people, with a maker and a serpent or the big bang.

Additionally, the next video talked about reproduction and how more people came to be. There were myths about gods and how other gods and people resulted from their different actions of reproduction, nymphs and their reproduction, including people coming about from water, where the water became a tortoise and that became people.. it was kind of confusing. But it came down to water creating an egg or seed, and that became humans. They also shared about a giant covered in hair that created the earth and people, and when he died his body became the rest of the world. Basically, he is all, including ying and yang. There were a lot of theories to keep track of that I’ve never heard before!

It was interesting to see the video about social order, as I never thought about different views to that either. They started with the story of the Bible, which I was familiar with. However, he then went into the relationship among greek gods and how they struggled against each other for power and order. There was another rendition where three gods were over all, and two came to earth and after a few tries had a beautiful child and went on to populate the earth. It described why the first child is often (or was) honored more.

These videos throw a lot at you at once, but I really liked learning about different views. I may not believe in them, but that doesn’t mean that something can be learned from them, especially if it helps you relate to others or know where people might be coming from or what they’re thinking.

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