Microfiction Revision: What I Wish My Best Friend Knew

Through my eyes: I see is strength in your posture, piercing light in your eyes, and a soft, welcoming space in your heart for those seeking refuge. Your hair, skin, nails, figure… they receive but a glance.You are so beautiful.What does the mirror whisper to you? Does it tell you the same?Why do you seek… Continue reading Microfiction Revision: What I Wish My Best Friend Knew

Storybook Plan

I am planning on making a storybook collection of stories of women through the stories we read, specifically women of the Bible and women saints. I also think that including women from Greek mythology or other stories we learn about moving forward in this class would be very interesting! It will be more of an… Continue reading Storybook Plan

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Comment Wall

Here is my comment wall for Women of Strength!:) The storybook is found here.

Week 4 Story Lab

I have written microfictions before, and usually I didn’t realize how much informatio I can fit. Although they were fictional in the past and had more imagery and details, I realized through exploring that a solid plot can develop in a microfiction. The best example of this was in the article by the NY Times… Continue reading Week 4 Story Lab

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