Week 10 Story Lab: Microfiction Love Stories

I loved reading the microfiction love stories because they were a little different from what I’ve written (I have yet to write a love story). It would be fun to write a love story, but I feel like that would be much harder because there is so much emotion and imagery packed into one! For this reason I loved reading stories from different authors because I got to see how different people approach expressing strong emotions and desires among their characters.

One of the stories that I enjoyed was not a microfiction, but I stumbled across it during my reading. It was called I Met My Husband On the Maternity Ward. I actually accidentally read it because I would usually not choose something with that title! But once I started reading I could not stop. It peaked my interest because it was about two women in Jamaica, not about a couple. The story held quiet suspense and rich character building until the crucial point – the future-husband’s mother had to choose whether or not to try a life-risking birth. I liked reading this story as a student, which means I was studying her writing structure, choice of words, etc., and it was also entertaining. The majority of the story was the lead-up to the moment where the children were in the world, and I think that made it much more impactful.

This is the image from the article I Met My Husband On the Maternity Ward. I liked the simplicity of it, and it shows a lot about how the author wanted to portray the setting in a remote hospital, as it’s very simple for a hospital where a baby will be born!

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